Plan Your Career Succession and Retirement Wisely.
Transition to RoundRock!

RoundRock Advisors offers its advisors an innovative combination of independence, collaboration and support services. This allows you to downsize and/or approach retirement in an environment that you and your clients can trust to keep their assets growing from generation to generation.

Employment Benefits: While operating your own independent practice, you also reap an array of employment benefits, in particular health insurance. It’s a best-of-both-worlds situation.

Administrative Support: Maintain or make any changes in your team with the help of our human resources and payroll services. Keep your practice safe using our compliance, oversight and custodial capabilities. Keep your cashflow streaming with our billing and reporting tools. All of these resources are seamlessly managed by our sophisticated, integrated technology systems – including a user-friendly client portal and CRM.

Wealth and Investment Management Support: The key to this area of support is our foundational and ongoing commitment to financial planning, a core service we can provide to your client practice. Our comprehensive planning program for clients addresses Our comprehensive planning program for clients addresses cashflow, insurance, tax planning, retirement, charitable and estate. We provide you with access to our wealth and investment management process, including proposal and risk analysis systems. You also have access to our legal, accounting, and insurance services and other partnerships.

Practice Management Services: The RoundRock brand and its informational and marketing content provides an effective business management tool. Our collaborative environment also provides practice succession opportunity, in particular the potential to transition clients to younger colleague advisors who are pursuing client practice growth. We also provide you with ongoing information and consulting to keep your practice current, given the predictability of change.