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Advisors:  Regardless of where you are in your career, you’ll benefit from your RoundRock affiliation. Gain cooperative, collaborative client practice support for growth earlier on. Or find trustworthy succession planning and implementation later down the road. All is tailored to your interests and life needs at compensation above industry standards.

Asset Managers: Grow your practice or downsize with us in an independent, yet collegial, environment built on trust.

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Who Are We?

We’re RoundRock Advisors, LLC (RoundRock), a well-established, full-service investment advisory and wealth management firm. We’re based in Wilton, Connecticut, but you can work with us from anywhere – thanks to our robust technology platforms.

Our founders, Certified Financial Planner B.T. Bowler and institutional manager and private wealth advisor Craig Jensen took a path probably similar to yours to establish a firm that recognized that supporting advisors’ diverse skills, talents and needs was the path to creating the best results for clients.

RoundRock is a great place to work if you want to add value rather than simply sell investment product.

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What Do We Provide for Advisors?

First, Advisors receive a full complement of employment benefits, including health insurance.

And we support Advisors and their clients with an array of systems and services.

Our innovative technology systems provide/enable our client portal, CRM, reporting, compliance, scheduling, performance, aggregation, planning, trading, portfolio analysis, internal and client communications.

To help advisors support their clients we provide and offer advisors access to asset management, tax and accounting services, insurance, estate planning, and for business clients, mergers & acquisitions services (business valuation, deal creation, proceeds under management.)

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What Do We Provide for Asset Managers?

RoundRock provides a variety of options and services for asset managers, whether you’re seeking independence or are already independent and seeking economies of scale, whether you’re downsizing or want to run more disciplines.

We provide all of the services you need for institutional investment management. And you can collaborate with other asset managers so that you can focus on the aspects of asset management that you do best and enjoy most.

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