Grow Your Asset Management Book
and Disciplines with RoundRock Support

RoundRock provides a variety of options and services for asset managers, whether you’re seeking independence or are already independent and seeking economies of scale, whether you’re downsizing or want to run more disciplines.

We provide all of the services you need for wealth and institutional investment management. And you can collaborate with other asset managers so that you can focus on the aspects of asset management that you do best and enjoy most.

Administrative Support: Keep your practice safe using our compliance, oversight and custodial capabilities. Keep your cashflow streaming with our billing and reporting systems. All of these resources are seamlessly managed by our sophisticated, integrated technology systems.

Wealth and Investment Management Support: The key to this area of support is our foundational and ongoing commitment to financial planning, a core service we can provide to your asset management practice. We provide you with access to our wealth and investment management systems and an array of market information resources. You also have access to our legal, accounting and insurance services and other partnerships.